Top Games For Free Online iPhone

You may be wondering what free online games are all about, especially if you’re a novice when it comes to gaming. The idea behind online free games is very simple: anyone with an internet connection can play! In fact, it’s so simple that nearly anyone with basic computer skills can become addicted to playing these games. If you’re looking for some fun free online games to play and have a few minutes to spare, why not try a game of fantasy for your iPhone or Android?

Armor Games is yet another good source for locating free online games in various categories such as action, strategy, puzzle, and many others. Some of the exciting games you’ll discover on Armor Games will even be available as downloadable apps for your phone and/or tablet, so you can immediately play them on the go. When I was looking for an interesting free game, an advertisement suddenly popped up near my game screen prompting me to “press scrabble” to “try this game.” I thought, why not? I always like to test new apps and this one looked interesting enough to try out.

After opting to download the app, my first mission was to create my very own armor class. This was no big deal; I was able to find several tutorials on the Armor Games site on how to create the different types of armor used in the game. I created my own personal armor and was instantly transported into a fantasy world. I crafted my own weapons and discovered other players, making myself a sworn friend in the game. Since the game allows me to connect with other players who have identical characteristics, it felt like a social activity as well as an online game.

My next mission was to select games that allowed me to use Google Maps to navigate. Although I had enjoyed prior versions of Google Maps on my smartphone, this version added a very useful feature that lets me search for locations directly within the game! I used this feature to trace my way from one battle to another, since all my missions required me to travel from one place to the next. Using the Google Maps function within the app allowed me to find easy access to all the places I needed to be in. Learn more information about situs poker online.

The final free online games I downloaded are puzzle and brainteasers, and gambling. These two addictive games kept my attention the entire time I was playing. The brainteasers required me to find pairs of tiles by finding pairs of similar shapes and dropping them in a specific pattern into designated slots. Once I matched the tile with the corresponding shape, I got a point. And because winning allowed me to get more points, these games kept me interested throughout.

While it’s true that I enjoyed all of these free online games for iPhone, I’m not going to claim they’re as addictive as those paid membership games. I’m just saying that I did enjoy playing the free versions better. All three of these games have strong gameplay, and the graphics were not bad at all. Playing for only a couple hours each day did wear me out somewhat, but it was enough to make me want to come back to the iPhone game store every single day. If I had paid for the subscription, I think I would have gotten more into the game.

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