Motorcycle Helmet Face Shield Reviews

It can be tough finding the best helmet for motorcycle riding. Many companies try to sway you into buying their sub-standard products, but a Bell has the goods to keep you safe and happy this year and into the future. The Bell motorcycle helmet is equipped with interchangeable hard hats, a quality ventilation system, interchangeable face pads, crash guard vents, and an interchangeable cheek pad. Some helmets also feature a magnetic Stripe that will warn drivers of any possible side impacts. You won’t find any cheap knockoffs of this style of helmet, they are sturdy, well made, and designed to give you the protection you need.

Bell Motosport Full Face Helmet The Bell Motosport Full Face Helmet features a fully welded aluminum shell with cheek pads for ventilation. The entire helmet is fully customizable, and comes standard with two ear pieces, a crash bar, and a properly proportioned chinstrap. This helmet also has three removable pads, each with their own individual air capacities and abilities. If you ride in bad weather, this is the helmet for you.

Bell Motosport Rolo Vent Helmet With its fully customized air system, the Bell Motosport Rolo Vent Helmet allows you to choose from either the Tempo or Dual Flow configurations. The Rolo Vent Helmet has a specially designed chin bar that provides superior airflow through its two venting systems. These vents are side by side and will allow for proper ventilation without getting trapped in your helmet. These helmets come standard with a fully adjustable chin bar as well as high quality ventilation ports. Both are removable and washable.

Bell Motosport FlightRider II helmet The FlightRider II offers an all-round, protective helmet, offering Ventril ability as well as overall protection. The molded impact outer shell is made from high density polyethylene, a material which gives the rider the necessary shock absorption while also being lightweight and fully flexible. The inner sun visor and cheek pads provide ventilation and comfort to help keep you comfortable during long rides. It is also lightweight enough that it won’t feel like a full face helmet at all, even when you’re wearing it. The included mesh grill lets you keep cool under the hot sun and at the same time provides adequate protection against wind and dirt. Tips for wearing motorcycle head helmet safety

Bell Motosport Rolo Ventura There is a new lightweight option from Bell – the Rolo Ventura. It offers all the features of its bigger brothers, but without the bulk. It has a molded impact inner shell, high density polyethylene (HDPE) liner and cheek pads. This lightweight model also offers three removable mesh pockets and a pair of removable, replaceable nose pads.

The three vents at the rear of the helmet to allow air flow through the helmet and head, preventing heat buildup and reducing fogging. If you are looking for the most comfortable fit and better ventilation, the Bell Motosport Rolo Ventura is the right helmet for you. If you want a more aerodynamic fit and better ventilation, check out our other reviews of this model.

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