Discreet and highly effective model of protection services

Corporate Finance and Restructuring Comprehensive investment banking, corporate finance, restructuring and insolvency services to investors, asset managers, companies and lenders. Comprehensive investment banking, corporate finance, restructuring and insolvency services to investors, asset managers, companies and lenders. Join our team of more than 120,000 professionals around the world. There are always great opportunities for the best security talent to join GardaWorld and grow professionally. The United States Secret Service originated the term “executive protection” with the creation of the “Executive Protection Service” to guard visiting foreign dignitaries. If you need help determining your needs, request an assessment on your situation from one of Hyperion’s experienced security advisors.

Therefore, if your executive protection program is all about “body guards” you might not be that skilled in protecting sensitive information from compromise, a major vulnerability in an executive protection approach. Our professional, discreet and highly effective model of protection services is well known and our firm was recently featured in a Business Insider magazine video story that highlighted our elite training program. As a global champion in security services, integrated risk management and cash solutions, we’re the trusted partners you can count on, when it really counts. Our elite residential security protection solutions include detailed planning and advance preparations using the latest counter-surveillance methods, as well as protective intelligence analysis and reporting, in conjunction with physical security. Our field teams are some of the most knowledgeable and resourceful out there.

Close Protection Agents work alone and sometimes work as part of teams, and they always stay close to their clients to observe the surroundings and prevent dangerous situations. Our professionals in Virginia, Washington DC, and Maryland have extensive training and certification to keep you safe. The planning stage of any Executive Protection program involves mapping out routes, understanding parking, entrances, and exits, and having a backup plan should any issues arise. Agents, dependent upon circumstances, will be deployed singularly or as part of a larger team. The ability to work with a team and integrate quickly and seamlessly with other teams is an essential skill.

Some of the networking initiated through the academy is manifested in the pages of this text. •In-house and external event organizers or communication services that are engaged in public relations and media activities related to the executive and family are aware of security issues. Our team brings extensive experience from the military and law enforcement experience and can operate in any environment around the world. Global Threat Solutions offers comprehensive Executive Protection services to a broad spectrum of clients. Public access can quickly become bottlenecks, while restricted areas require special security protocols to ensure that only authorized persons can access them. Access control is essential to protect your property, staff and visitors.

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