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Baseball Hitting Nets – What Parents Need to Know About These Equipment Pieces

The Baseball Hitting Net is designed for throwing curveballs and pitching balls to catchers. This netting is specifically designed to help in batting practice. The netting comes with an adjustable hook to help throwers with their throws. The netting is made of heavy duty polyethylene that is UV resistant and offers excellent distance for each retrieve. The bow is made of high quality nylon and is supported by a durable nylon webbing.

DESCRIPTION. SKLZ Baseball Hitting Net is constructed from high quality polyethylene material. The mesh is woven tightly to make the bow string stay steady throughout a throw. High quality materials prevent the bow frame from becoming loose after multiple retrievals. Constructed to last, practice long term with the popular SKLZ Baseball Hitting Net. This netting will hold up to a significant amount of practice leading to consistent hitting for many seasons.

FIT. The design of the SKLZ Baseball Hitting Net compacts easily to any size backyard. The super strong nylon mesh fabric is treated with Dura-Treated Olive. This treatment increases flexibility and durability. The net is also treated with aripadrene to allow moisture and air to be trapped between the net and player’s foot.

FIT & RESULTS. The net produces positive results with many players. After throwing at the baseball hitting net for two minutes, participants experienced improvement in bat speed, bat spin, bat head speed, and bat height. Not only did participants notice improvement in their skills, but they also noticed a drastic decrease in the number of foul balls that were picked up by their catchers.

Training Aids. Even if your kids are not playing, you can still use the baseball hitting net. Practice nets are available to train your family in hitting without the risk of injury. Choose from a variety of durable plastic training aids that are designed to withstand the wear and tear. With a few tosses, your entire family can take an instructional class to learn proper techniques.

As a parent myself, I believe the best investment you can make for your child is a quality baseball training net. If you have not tried one, you are missing out on one of the most effective ways to help improve your batting skills. And with an affordable setup, you can practice anywhere.

Parents wonder, what about rain? Unfortunately, no matter how much you love your kid, there is no way you can carry the net around in the rain. There are also other considerations, such as your child’s safety. Yes, the nets are made of durable materials, but that does not mean you can toss it right out the window. Always keep a first aid kit handy and make sure your kids always have a way to reach the ball while in the shower.

Parents also wonder, where can I find good pricing on these things? Since these items generally run between $30 and a hundred, you can be sure finding a store that carries them won’t cost you an arm and a leg. You can even shop online and find great prices on batting nets and other equipment. Just remember to order in advance, as well as be aware of shipping costs, because after the pole, net, or bow frame, the total can add up to a lot.

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