Asraw Blow Torch Lighter Black

Most torch lighters will have their multiple jets aligned side-by-side or in a square. However, Colibri have approached things differently with their Quantum lighter. Instead, the two outer jets are angled inwards to provide you with a more precise burn. Flameless lighters are designed for use in any environment where an open flame, conventional lighters or matches are not permitted. In the 1950s, there was a switch in the fuel of choice from naphtha to butane, as butane allows for a controllable flame and has less odour.

Developed in close collaboration with the world’s foremost  jet torch lighter manufacturer, these lighters are designed to be lightweight, ergonomic and wind-resistant. Tonino Lamborghini Mugellocigar accessories represent the finest of cigar accessories. Perfect for the guy who has it all or just likes the finest of things.

Specialized “”windproof”” butane lighters are manufactured for demanding conditions such as shipboard, high altitude, and wet climates. Such lighters are often far hotter than normal lighters (those that use a “”soft flame””) and can burn in excess of 1,100 °C (2,010 °F). The windproof capabilities are not achieved from higher pressure fuel; windproof lighters use the same fuel as standard lighters, and therefore develop the same vapour pressure.

If you’re a fan of bigger ring cigars, the Bolero from JetLine is a gorgeous, minimal, and super high-quality three-jet torch that’ll burn anything you can throw at it. The square body is compact, beautiful, and feels solid in the hand. The push-button igniter is located in the center of the body, which gives it a unique look when used. It also comes with a punch, as well as a butane sight window. The only real gripe we have with it is that it tends to burn butane quickly , but doesn’t really hold that much to begin with.

This tripe jet wind resistant lighter comes in a black and chrome finish with honeycomb etching. This top notch lighter will make any stogie lover go weak in the knees. Quality stogies need a quality lighter one thats made with cigar smokers in mind. Thisawesome lighteris equipped with a built in cigar rest and cigar punch this multi-function accessory will be the pride of his cigar arsenal.

We’re big at-home smokers, and while we love a good torch, we don’t necessarily need something that can fit in our pockets all the time. The Burner by Alec Bradley is an absolutely gorgeous tabletop cigar lighter that looks more like a retro Bunsen burner than anything. It’s easy to light, easy to adjust, and built like a brick. It looks good anywhere from a garage workshop to the backyard patio, and it’s a conversation piece, if nothing else.

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