912 Indonesian Traditional Games Stock Vectors, Images & Vector Art

It can be analyzed from different perspectives related to sociological science, anthropology, and culture. A game is not only a game, but it is also part of culture. It has a history, an objective, a reason, a structure, a philosophy, and a strategy. It has characteristics and rules, ritual, rhythm, and moral.

The Eel collecting game has a similar rule with the water pouring game, but in this game, it is the eels, which have a slippery skin, that should be collected. The participants should take the eel with their bare hands and put the eels into a bottle. The participants who have the highest number of eels will become the winner. In the coin-collecting game, some coins will be plugged in an oiled papaya. Half of the coin will appear on the surface of the papaya. As in the prawn cracker-eating game, the papaya hangs on a string.

After that the player who closes his/her eyes will try to find other players one by one. This bocoran slot gacor game is commonly known as Hide and Seek in other countries outside Indonesia. In Indonesia, this game is played by many kids, especially in rural areas. Other players will jump through the rope without touching the rope. However, Indonesian spinning top or also known as Gasing has quite unique characteristics compared to other types of spinning tops that came from other countries.

Finally, Semut, Orang, Gajah, follows the same rules as ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’ while using different hand signs and introducing elements more common to Indonesian culture in the form of the ant, the person, and the elephant. While attending a parenting seminar in Graha Hartika, Bekasi, Utari reintroduced traditional games to children in order to enhance their creativity and energy as they played the games. These traditional games are egrang , congklak , sondah , kelereng , petak umpat , galasin (children’s team game) and others.

On the 74th Indonesia Independence Day, known as Agustusan, in 2019, there were various traditional games that the researchers found and analyzed from Indonesian uploads in social media platforms. Therefore, the Indonesia Independence Day commemoration becomes important to build positive essentials such as joy, interest, even a strong socialization in various games. Moreover, in the same occasion, Respondent 3 said, “From what I see, the festivity and excitement of the participants are reflected on the games they involved. Hopefully, the joy and togetherness could nourish the warmth among the people in our country, Merdeka! According to Respondent 3, the important point is that the Indonesia Independence Day commemoration becomes the reference in maintaining the warmth among the society in every game conducted. The researchers found at least 127 posts uploaded by social media users with an open account.

Sometimes a string is tied to the front of the car so that it can be pulled behind the owner as well. This very simple toy has brought a smile to the faces of many Indonesian children. The object of the game is to try and cut the opponents’ kite loose. The way that the string is attached to the kite determines the control that the flyer has over his kite.

When Indonesia gained independence, the Balap Karung game is preserved by Indonesians, until today, especially in the 17 Agustusan moment . Futsal sarung game has a similar rule to that of the general futsal game, but in this game, the player should wear a sarong to add more fun to the game. Futsal daster game is also similar to futsal sarung; the difference is that the player should wear a daster, a home dress that is usually used by women at home. Gebuk bantal game is usually conducted above a pond/a river with a long bamboo made like a bridge above the pond/the river.

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