Which Kind of Pen Vaporizer Do You Need?

Pen vaporizer (or pen vaporizer as it’s sometimes called) are small, usually solid, vaporizing pens (shaped like a pen) that are easy to hold, discrete, and relatively inexpensive compared to more powerful, stationary, and advanced vaporizing pen style vaporizers. They’re often easy to use as well, although more advance models may have their own rechargeable batteries. Most vaporizer pens use conduction heating (rather than the more popular convection heating method) to generate the heat they produce, which makes it very important that you know how to use it so that your unit doesn’t get overheated and overworked…

Convection vaporizers heat up air by passing warm air over a heating element, which in turn heats the air once it passes through the cooling chambers. While this may sound good in theory, because it uses a constant temperature for the delivery system it isn’t practical in many cases. If you want the greatest possible vapor production, you’ll need to combine two or more types of vaporization methods to maximize your overall results. You can get more information about

Portable Vaporizers: All portable vaporizers use a coil-driven heating system to generate the hot air they produce. The most popular, and highest efficiency, is a coil on/off switch within a small glass ampoule. Most people prefer the ease of use associated with these types of pen vaporizers.

Burn Bouts: All pen vaporizers also use a heating chamber to heat up the air generated. These chambers are designed specifically to create a high heat sufficient to destroy all solids, yet low enough to protect delicate skin tissue. In this way, the herb or cannabis does not enter into the blood stream or get converted into cholesterol or other potentially harmful chemicals. Burn rates range from high to very high with some models capable of producing up to four hours of continuous earthen vapor. Unfortunately, because each unit comes with its own specific heat setting, it’s difficult to accurately gauge how much heat is actually generated, but many models boast impressive burn times.

The convection vaporizer: Convection vaporizer units utilize a fan in the rotation of the heating chamber to distribute heat throughout the heating chamber, effectively heating the herb without entering the blood stream. These types of pen vapes are extremely popular with dab enthusiasts. These types of vaporizer units have the ability to reach very high temperatures without overheating your hands. Some models allow for interchangeable cooling chambers, increasing the opportunity to mix different types of herbs and vapors. They are also the most compact of vaporizing material, making them great for travel or carry around in your pocket.

Glass Ceramic Heating Cell: This type of pen heater is made out of glass, ceramic or some combination of both materials. The heating coils are encased in a clear cover, allowing you to see the heating core while still smoking. They typically heat up faster than convection models, but often don’t reach as high a temperature as a conduction unit. They use less power than either type of unit, but require higher wattage watts to achieve sufficient heat. Because they are not self-cleaning, they are not recommended for use indoors. They will however heat up quickly and give off a lot of smoke.

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