There are elderly people who identify


There are elderly people who identify with football matches, while others prefer to dance.There are also other sports that really motivate as race, swimming, cycling, spinning, moralities academies, fights , etc.

Tip: Before opting for the activity to be made, you might try all possible ways, from dances like gaff and lounge samba, even sports more “aggressive and intense” as the struggles, like may Thai, boxing, jig jujitsu and more.

The importance of keeping the exercise routine

It is not recommended to start an exercise on Monday and fail the other days of the week. So there are the benefits mentioned above, it is extremely important to adapt your routine activities and not vice versa.

We recommend that you try to arrange perfectly on a schedule (not to forget) all their daily activities involving their respective schedules for effectuate of the exercises. This agenda will prevent forget the lessons or not ready for the time.

In old age, it is common for the elderly to maintain a domestic routine, it can cause even a post retirement depression , which usually ends up leading many to death. So get organized and be committed.

Food vs Physical Exercises

Is totally out of the question that you do not keep healthy eating habits, although it is on a course of daily physical activity. Wrong eating not only brings extra flab, but also motivates your body to develop diseases. 

This means that obesity may develop quickly, which is not anything interesting, especially in people who are already in the body sensitivity due to old age. So always prefer foods high in good carbs.

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