The brown sugar is often compared


The brown sugar is often compared, as well as regular sugar, also known as crystal sugar . Although categorized in different ways, they basically have the same way of preparation and is emanated from sucrose, which gives you a different and caramel color, aresult of molasses.

The molasses is a process that ultimately occur due to different treatment , the product is usually thicker and liquid. It is derived from sugar beet, also we find the sugarcane wins this format and especially this color due to the sugar extraction tanks.

Although they are also made with only a few quirks, we can say that brown sugar is healthier and less fattening than regular sugar. molasses found the brown nutrient loads that are essentially important for our organism as:

However, these products and elements may not be as relevant as it are in tiny proportions.However, when compared to white sugar (and other sugars) , we note that white is not a chemical and natural product as brown.

This is because in its composition we find about 99% pure sucrose, remembering that it is only stemmed from sugar beet or also from sugarcane. The white sugar level when relate to the amount of sucrose can state that does not have anybenefit or nutritional element to the body.

Anyway, what is the most fattening?

If we consider some nutritional factors, such as amount of calories, we can say that the brown sugar has a percentage below the common and white sugar. To get aidea, Brown sugar has about 375 calories , while white sugar 397 calories .

However, there may be greater density in time to pack it, this can also lead to some changes in its content. Anyway, when compared, it can be said without a doubt that the brown sugar fattening when eaten in large quantities.

It should be dosed as well with regular sugar. Its nutrients are important for our body, different from ordinary sugar that does not show any benefit. A great tip is to not overdo the doses thus maintain a more refined silhouette and less affect your health.

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