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Obesity affects your body in different ways. Here are some explanations about its dangers and advice for staying healthy.


Lose weight to stay healthy

Lose weight to prevent the consequences of obesity on health

The obesity not only affects the size of your pants and your moods, which fluctuate according to the indications of the scale … The overweight , especially when it is important and durable, has primarily effects on the body and on health . Many scientific studies have identified these consequences.

Lose weight to stay healthy

Remember, what matters is not your weight , but your body mass index (BMI). A normal BMI according to the World Health Organization should be between 20 and 25. Above, between 25 and 30, we talk about overweight and from 30 to obesity . If a single overweight is that few health consequences , in a situation of obesity , the body is seriously affected. How?


What are the risks for an obese person?

– One of the most classic effect is diabetes. This is the type 2 diabetes . It appears after a weight gain in those with a favorable genetic background . We must remember that any weight gain does not result in diabetes. On a favorable genetic predisposition, diabetes occurs when the weight goes up, regardless of the type of food consumed. Contrary to popular belief, the type of food, greasy or sweet, plays no role. Diabetes should be detected and treated : treatment prevents complications such as cardiovascular disease . It will also be advised to diabetic overweight … to lose weight because weight loss can the cure of diabetes or improve;


– The obesity may also favor the hypertension and cardiovascular complications . If cholesterol is high , it promotes fat deposits in blood vessels, that is to say the artherosclerosis . Note that this cholesterol is mainly controlled by genetic factors and the type of food has a marginal role: one can have a rate high cholesterol and be thin , or low cholesterol and being fat .


– The respiratory disorders such as sleep apnea , are often observed. These short periods during the night, between 5 and 10 seconds, during which breathing stops. If these sleep apnea is not treated, the consequences can be severe. To start, can occur a feeling of tiredness , of memory loss and headaches . In the longer term, poor oxygenation of the body can lead to heart disease and the hypertension .


– The obesity also the effects on the skeleton . The kilos weigh on joints and facilitate their wear . The obesity can therefore promote rheumatological problems at the hips , the knees and spine .


– Finally, note that many studies have linked the obesity and cancer risk . Including risks of cancers of the esophagus, colon, rectum, liver and pancreas. The link was established between the overweight and the onset of breast cancer in postmenopausal women. Thus, in general, the problems of excessive weight and durable reduce the lifetime .


– Finally, the psychological consequences and social of the overweight and the obese tend to become more and more dramatic. The social discrimination , stigma, ostracism, both in adults than in children, lead to the shame , the loss of self-esteem , to socialization , to depression .


To stay healthy, think of the Health Check

So remain passive with his problem, is certainly not the best of ideas. Better do not careless, decide to take his physical and mental health into consideration.


In this context, work on their feeding behavior , its emotions , will enable progress. And we maigrisse or not, better do a regular checkup with his doctor.

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