Last but not least, always go to the doctor


Last but not least, always go to the doctor. Did you know that discovering a disease in its early stages can prevent even that it leads to death? Well, it is of utmost necessity that is focused on your health.

At all stages of life, stay healthy is important, but in the elderly it takes twice the proportion. Therefore, although not with no symptoms and does not present any discomfort, contact a physician.

A battery of tests should be done in about six months, especially the elderly beyond the range of 60 years. It is also important that deals with the care of diseases that already have, even if they are “common” .

Check always:

  • The pressure
  • cholesterol
  • Blood glucose

Cases these three pillars are in perfect condition, care for others will be a breeze, especially if your routine is maintained with a significant amount of physical activity combined with a healthy diet.

Not having to worry about is the most important to avoid the stress limits and keep your emotional balance. It is also interesting to keep a faith and organize their spirituality because all this has direct connection to the body.

In case of any specific questions, it is interesting to see your doctor as soon as these appear. Public health postinhos are always available, enjoy this benefit of the Federal Government.

It is also interesting to keep a careful oral health, since the bones get weaker at this age and it becomes tooth decay.

Remember, happiness is to live well, enjoy your life to the fullest as you can with responsibility and organization, thus live longer and better! Work out!

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