Knees are a party to take more impacts


Knees are a party to take more impacts daily. For arthroscope is is not developed or the frames of the disease improve it is indicated that the patient keep an exercise workout that can make all the difference.

They are able to cause the strengthening of the region and improve the conditions of the problem.It is estimated that the correct time to practice is of at least 3 times a weekwith 20 repetitions . Recalling the importance of the minute of rest.

The exercises are usually prescribed by a therapist, so that preferably meets their need in specific, however the most common denote below:

Pilates exercises

Pilates exercises are interesting for a simple reason: they press impact on the region of the knees , using some helpers materials such as ball or moderate weights. The activities consist especially in lie on the ground (with the use of mat) , position your hands at your sides and raise the gluteal region.

Exercise to be done at home

Also with the aid of a mat you must lie on the ground, stretch and slowly raising one leg to another (recalling that should be of little height) . Repeat the exercise with both legs, recommended 3 sessions of 20 reps each.

You can also sit on the mat, place both hands beside the body and flex one leg. With the other stretch as much as possible by applying pressure with your knees down. Repeat 3 times 20 with both legs.

Exercise not recommended 

  • Running
  • Step
  • bodybuilding
  • martial arts
  • Pole vault

In no way opt for any of these, they cause excessive impact on the knee and usually aggravating.

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