It is the nightmare of many athletes

It is the nightmare of many athletes, but he still comes in many boot camp- and crosscutting back: the burped. And that is not without reason. The exercise requires some technique and motivation, but once you get going, you train a lot of muscles and also another stamina. And while you burn even further substantial calories.

The burped was developed in the thirties of the last century by the American movement scientist Royal H. Burped. He devised a test to an easy and quick way to fitness to determine people. The burped thereby requires not only fitness, but also control and coordination. By entering a series of complex movements repeatedly, measure your agility, coordination and strength.

The test was occupied by the US military to determine the fitness of new soldiers and won the burped to fame.When it appeared that the burped was a good workout, the exercise was acquired by athletes and fitness world.

Do the burped

Since the Burped consists of a series of complex movements is a good implementation of great importance. Briefly, let your ‘fall’ yourself with a burped off state, via a squat to push-up position, ending up after a push-up from the squat and jump up again on both feet. Step by step, it would look as follows:

  1. Stand with your legs slightly apart.
  2. Bag by your legs – a sort of squatting motion but on – and bring your hands to the ground.
  3. Jump backwards so you are in a plank position will be placed.
  4. Leave your bags checked by your arms: the push-up. Make sure your chest touches the floor.
  5. Jump your feet back to your hands so that you come to squat again.
  6. Jump up with legs and arms in the air.

Try to perform the burpee in one smooth motion and keep the pace high. It is important that your technique always good. Make sure you have this first master and then the pace beware. Other points of interest are:

  • Keep your feet hip-width apart during the shelf.
  • Make sure you keep your back straight when you jump into the plank position and not by bag.
  • Place during the board your shoulders directly above your hands.

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