It is common to see people wish lose weight


It is common to see people wish lose weight by cutting once carbohydrate foods from their diets, such as cereals, pasta, rice, bread, among others, all because they believe they cause weight gain more than other foods. Yes, it is true, carbohydrates are able to make a person fat, but only when it is consumed not moderately. The excess of a food so rich in carbohydrates will make you fat if consumption is not consistent with the pattern of your daily energy expenditure.

Even though the excess carbohydrates fattening, they are essential for any diet, given that are the main source of energy that the human body uses during the day. Thus, a diet that is low in carbohydrates tends to generate feelings of fatigue and physical and mental fatigue. there Check out the following list of foods who are credited with the highest level of carbohydrates and cause major weight gain as popular culture: Rice It is difficult to give a concise answer as rice fat or not a turn rather it contributes to weight gain, however this factor will depend strictly on the amount that will be consumed daily.

This impact also affects directly the fibrous content of rice. For example, rice is not a type of grain that is industrialized, but loses its natural fiber than white rice passing through process where the bran and germ are removed, making this a kind of incomplete grain. Potato As the rice and any other type of food, the potato will only have to fat if consumed in excess. This is a constant true for any kind of food, are cupcakes, pizza, beans, meat and so on. When ingested in abundance is likely that the potato causes an increase in weight, however it contains no bad carbs, it is not immanently one fattening substance and is not a vegetable to be removed from the diet of people, since it is a great source potassium. spaghetti The pasta has in its consistency four different types of carbohydrates in just one gram, even his cooking being prepared in water, which is the healthiest way, it is an agent that can cause weight gain and in many cases even obesity. Leaving aside the sauce, three noodle handles contains about 600 calories, it gives a shallow portion on a plate. When we add the sauce that may contain oil, butter, cheese and other accompaniments, the dish exceeds the home of 1,200 calories. tadpole The cornmeal tadpole is made of a fine flour which may consist of corn, rice, manioc, among others. This is a food that regardless of the amount, is likely to cause a gain in weight, as well as being a great source of carbohydrates, which will later be transformed into sugar, its calorie content is also very high.


Crumbs As the streusel is usually prepared with butter and kids, the fat content of this dish is high, not to mention that the flour that comes from cassava or maize, which are also a great source of carbohydrates. The amount of calories and carbohydrates of a tablespoon of flour corresponds to twice a rice, it does not include other elements that tend to follow, such as bacon, sausage and eggs that give a special flavor to the dish. > The secret then is to eat carbohydrates in an adequate amount and in combination with several other food groups, the more colorful a dish is, more nutrients you are consuming and your food will be healthier.

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