If You Want To Gain Weight (Gain Lean Mass)

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What should I understand this?

If you want to gain weight (gain lean mass) , have a balanced diet with high intake of carbohydrates, but also significant amounts of protein. Otherwise, if you want to lose weight, I have less intake of carbohydrates and more protein intake.

This will help balance your weight the way you want. Anyway, the food is extremely important and significantly and help in the process of gaining weight or lose weight. Who needs to lose weight, it’s good to invest mainly in aerobic exercise, while those who want to create focus in bodybuilding.

And carbohydrate? As before or after training?

Knowing all that was denoted above, it is easy to answer this question. If you want to lose weight, it is indicated that eat carbohydrates before a workout and protein after training . During training it is recommended only to make fluid intake, these are juices, teas or mineral water.

Already those who want to increase the mass, it is important to do intake carbohydrate + protein before training and carbohydrate + protein after training. Some advisers indicate that there is power during training, others do not. Talk to your instructor and ask about your need.

It’s also good to know the amounts to be ingested.Overeating before training can leave you heavy for the fulfillment of physical activity, eating a lot after training can say goodbye to your entire physical effort. Therefore, without secrets, balance is the key.

If you do follow up with a professional in the field of nutrition, it will be even easier to figure out what to eat. Each person has a different type of metabolism, i.e., the organism can act faster or slower according to the type, which may help or hinder the diet.

The guidelines indicated above it is possible that the faster range, always remembering that the effort has to be done as a whole. The exact amount for each case will depend exclusively on the development of physical activity and how much energy it consumed him.

Mathematics will be your main ally, so it’s good to do physical assessments, clocking times, seek information on calories lost amounts and other key points to have a good development, and thus reach your goal faster.

Do not forget to eat 3 in 3 hours , take about 2 liters of water or more per day, opt forthermogenic juices and make large intake of vegetables, fruits and other healthy foods , especially those rich in protein such as eggs, meat, cheese , etc. only your efforts will be able to take it to the body you always dreamed of !

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