Hypertrophy is a process made ​​the basis of a


Hypertrophy is a process made ​​the basis of a regulated power supply which seeks to mop up localized fat body . It is more adapted by nutritionists to guide intense physical activity practitioners who need to burn fat and turn a body an element composed only of muscles .

The ketogenic diet in this process is crucial, because it eliminates the accumulation of fat obtained through a diet based on carbohydrates, intensifying the process of burning fat by  diet control only composed ofproteins .

How the diet works?

The ketogenic was created by an American doctor named Dr. Robert Atkins . The process created by the same aims to guide athleteswishreach hypertrophy causing eliminate carbohydrate and prioritize within the food, foods rich in protein + good fats. Result is preferably the creation of LBM.

This fast and efficient result is that makes the ketogenic diet and a more complete cause of the fat accumulation deterrent. When we follow an eating plan that does not take away much of the carbohydrates, the weight loss process is often less effective, as it will be ingesting carbohydrate that will become fat and only part of it is being burned during the workout.

This is one of the points that lead the failure of some diets, since the delay is large and patience to get the results is short. The slimming process is designed to leave you with:

  • A slim body
  • Dry the fat
  • Creating muscles
  • Maintain lean mass

What does a body get into the fat accumulation process?

The answer to this question is entirely focused on the carbohydrates . What really makes the weight gain process is necessarily the carbo and not the fat , as we are accustomed to believe. About all carbohydrates, refined are the most harmful.

There are different types of carbohydrates can lead to faster accumulation of fat, such as all foods made of wheat flour, as well as:

  • cakes
  • Pizza
  • candies
  • Cookies
  • Pastas
  • Breads

Also cereals, such as:

  • Rice

All these and more, without exception, should be removed from your diet with full force.When it stops feeding in order to put the body into burning mode, begins to accumulate, this is the result of carbohydrate intake riotous manner.

How much should I eat protein?

This is the only diet that is not intended amounts. No need for counting calories, stipulate intake and anything related amount. It is based only on eating what is right, regardless of how much is being eaten. The meals on the menu are often the tastiest.

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