Health Benefits of Cannabidiol – The Magical Emerald

Cannabidiol, or cbd for dogs oil, is touted as the “other wonder drug” because it has proven very beneficial in treating many childhood ailments. The main benefit it has is that it relieves the child’s symptoms related to nausea and vomiting, as well as lessening the spasms caused by chemotherapy in cancer patients. It has been found to effectively alleviate the painful symptoms associated with some brain injuries as well as the painful spasms that following cardiac arrest. In fact, the CBD is the only phytocannabinoid known to have anti-convulsant properties.

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is a phytochemical found in industrial hemp and is one of the handful of compounds capable of preventing chemical abuse. It was first isolated from seeds of the cannabis plant, which is used worldwide for its medicinal purposes. In 1940, it was discovered by an English farmer, who had begun to notice that some of his children were developing symptoms related to nausea and vomiting after ingesting marijuana. After trying different medications on his children that did not produce the results he was hoping for, he decided to give them a placebo instead. That experiment produced a phytochemical compound that may help cure certain illnesses.

A high blood pressure study conducted by the University of Cambridge in England, funded by the National Institute of Health, concluded that CBD may help reduce symptoms related to high blood pressure. The study looked at the effect of CBD on hypertension in rats, using rats that were injected with high doses of the compound. The scientists found that the animals showed a significant decrease in the amount of sodium in their blood, as well as a significant reduction in the pressure that was associated with that sodium. While more studies need to be conducted on humans before it can be safely marketed as an anti-hypertension medication, the results of this test-tube research are encouraging for those suffering from hypertension.

Another of the animal studies that the scientists conducted looked at the effect of CBD on Alzheimer’s disease. One of the primary drugs used to treat the disease is sativex, which is made from sativeginea, or “sour goat’s urine.” In the Alzheimer’s animal studies, native prevented the formation of amyloid plaques in the brain and blocked the production of inflammatory molecules. The scientists, led by Dr. Maureen K. Smith of the Alzheimer’s Disease Treatment Center at the University of Miami School of Medicine, believe that native works by preventing inflammation. Inflammation is one of the primary mechanisms of Alzheimer’s disease, along with memory loss, depression, and neurodegeneration. Animal studies conducted to test native’s ability to prevent the formation of these plaques appear to be promising for treating multiple sclerosis.

In one study conducted by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, participants who used CBD reported less mood swings, had greater self-control and reported fewer substance use disorders. People who took a placebo also noted a decrease in mood swings and drug abuse, but this was not statistically significant. One of the largest human studies, however, did find that CBD significantly decreased the progression of Alzheimer’s disease in elderly dementia patients. This seems to be the most supportive evidence so far, since almost all of the Alzheimer’s patients in the study had some form of cognitive impairment. Other ongoing studies are examining the effects of CBD on people who suffer from asthma and COPD, or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. People with these conditions typically have greater lung inflammation and elevated levels of cytokines throughout their bodies.

There is also some preliminary evidence that CBD may have some positive effect on cholesterol levels and blood pressure. One of the human studies found that higher CBD levels were correlated with lower total blood cholesterol and lower blood pressure. Another study found that CBD reduced the risk of a type of diabetes related to obesity and aging. One of the biggest questions surrounding the health benefits of CBD is whether or not it will have the same effect on cardiovascular disease, since so many of the symptoms of heart disease are associated with increased blood pressure. For now, it seems that there is some evidence of an effect on blood pressure, but more research will need to be done on the health benefits of CBD oil.

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