For burpee you need little next to your body


ideal exercise

For burped you need little next to your body (Greenwich) making it an ideal exercise for a circuit or outside training. At home in the living room is also possible.

It really is an all-in-one exercise. A good burpee requires agility, balance, coordination and strength of the entire body. If you regularly do burpees you will notice that your chest, shoulders, triceps, back, buttocks, abdomen and hamstrings are stronger. And because you have to keep your balance during exercise, you not only use the large muscles, but also different ones. So you train the whole body.

Top for your condition

In addition, the exercise causes – especially with fast repetitions – for an increase in heart rate. The entire body is put to work intensively and muscles need more oxygen needed. Thanks to training your body will become better able to deal with such an intensive stimulus means a better condition.

Besides improving your strength and fitness , burpees also often have a positive effect on your agility and explosiveness. The rate at which your body can move increases and movements will be smoother and more effective.

Finally, studies have shown that you are at high intensity training (HIT) as burpees, burn more fat than at standard strength exercises .

Variations on the burpee

Would you like to burpee started it’s smart to start with the beginner’s version.Do example six, take half a minute rest and repeat two more sets. After building there are endless possibilities. Both in frequency – for example, look how much you can do in one minute – as in shape. Indeed, there are lots of variations.

  • Beginners Burpee: Instead of a jump at step 3 and step 5 for leg bone in and out of the shelf position. If you have a lot of your lower back, you can also step better than jumping.
  • Box-jump burpee: Spring after step 5 is not only up (step 6), but jump on a platform such as a box. Just make sure the increase is stable.
  • Zijwaartste burpee: Spring after step 5 is not up (step 6), but to the side.For example, a barbell or your training buddy around.
  • Star burpee: Spring after step 5 is not only up (step 6), but keep here your arms and legs spread wide and stretched. If you’re a star.
  • With one arm: During the burpee an arm at the board and push-up. You can, instead of a single arm, but also to use one leg.
  • Multiple push-ups: Instead of one push-up in step 4, you can also run five or ten, before you move further finish.
  • With a squat jump: Jump after step 5 is not straight up (step 6) but do a squat jump. Align your knees to the chest.

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