Finally and not less important than


3rd stage – Finally and not less important than the others, begin to eat refined carbohydrates as well. But remember that they should not be eaten daily. On the contrary, let them only for special moments. Usually continue your diet based on carbohydrates low glycemic index .

Concluding remarks

Malnutrition can be a consequence and a problem when we are dealing with the ketogenic diet, anyway, the most important is that it is being accompanied by a professional that health. Malnutrition can cause low immunity and the development of diseases.

Another point indispensable to his knowledge is that there should be no alcohol consumption during this period. The alcohol found in beverages is the main carbohydrate that you should avoid in the process, it is also important to sleep well, have an active life with respect to physical activity and make drinking at least two liters of water daily.

The ketogenic diet is a weight loss process that should be used for the good of your body.If at any time you are attacking it or affect it in general, it is important to try to stop the process. Also, some people with unusual medical conditions should not do it, talk to a professional in the field of health and nutrition.

Cautions before performing the operation

Always look for clinics in your trust, do not trust offices that charge far below market values. This is one of the first indications that something is out of the reliability standards.Read more about it before going to the operating table and also have healthy habits.

It is necessary to keep active with a healthy diet and ask for directions to your doctor about how to change your dressings. Visit the doctor whenever you feel any discomfort or pain in the area where surgery was performed.

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