Easy yoga is a cute book with


Easy yoga is a cute book with 22 exercises for different times of the day. A fine gift for someone you grant some extra relaxation or for yourself, of course.

Many people have already discovered the benefits of yoga. You’re as good with your body busy so you raging brains can unwind. In addition, you become stronger and more flexible.

Of course you can take yoga lessons with a teacher, but a lot of practice yogis (also) at home. This booklet can come in handy. Yoga teacher and nutritionist Kyra the Vreeze explains in Easy yoga step-by-step with clear pictures of how you start your day energized and relaxed ends.

Morning and evening session

The morning you start actively yang yoga: powerful, dynamic exercises that you perform in a smooth motion. So Kyra submit different versions of the sun salutation, both in a version for beginners to advanced.

In the evening yin yoga comes into play, a form of yoga postures that you hold for a few minutes. Yin represents softness, letting go, receptivity, peace and quiet, ideal right before bedtime so.

All exercises come with photos in which Kyra occurs attitudes and a short text explanation. So it can make them easily “imitate” if you never did yoga.Moreover, you need not be afraid of complicated postures keeping your legs have to put in your neck or have to stand on your head, the book is justly called Easy yoga.

Pretty gift book

In addition to the exercises you will find in Easy yoga a recipe for blueberry breakfast smoothie, practical tips and inspirational quotes. It’s a beautifully designed publication: a cute little booklet with a sturdy cover and bright colors and pictures. Really a nice gift for someone who could use some relaxation. Or for yourself, of course,

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