They first will help remind you of their


They first will help remind you of their schedules for the effectuate of exercise, since they can schedule all that needs to be done during the day, they can also indicate some percentages related to your current health status.

Recalling that: just start using the applications if you really want practicality in your life, you are not actually inserted in this world and does not fit perfectly to it, forget it! Return agenda.

I am old and decided to exercise me, what do I do?

There are a number of products that can actually help you start practicing the exercises in the comfort of your home. However, it is possible to be guided by a general practitioner to really understand their conditions.

It is not necessary to start the process at an accelerated pace, because the elderly requires some care and attention procedures. The most suitable is that initially look for solutions that are consistent with your routine.

If you have time to spare, enroll in a gym and remove a period between one and two daily hours to devote only to activities, but if your day is gone and lack time to organize an activity, the best option is to promote such exercises in the comfort of your home.

There are currently several programs that help you maintain a healthy body, without leaving the comfort. Some of them require only 15 minutes of your day and represent the highest quality results in up to eight weeks.

If you really are interested in this area and do not have time, start right now to do research and meet testimonials from people who have gone through such joint programs. Recalling also that some of them are geared entirely to the elderly.

This means that were prepared minutely perfect exercises for the main limitations of old age. This may help and will be beneficial in general in your life.

Last but not least, always go to the doctor


Last but not least, always go to the doctor. Did you know that discovering a disease in its early stages can prevent even that it leads to death? Well, it is of utmost necessity that is focused on your health.

At all stages of life, stay healthy is important, but in the elderly it takes twice the proportion. Therefore, although not with no symptoms and does not present any discomfort, contact a physician.

A battery of tests should be done in about six months, especially the elderly beyond the range of 60 years. It is also important that deals with the care of diseases that already have, even if they are “common” .

Check always:

  • The pressure
  • cholesterol
  • Blood glucose

Cases these three pillars are in perfect condition, care for others will be a breeze, especially if your routine is maintained with a significant amount of physical activity combined with a healthy diet.

Not having to worry about is the most important to avoid the stress limits and keep your emotional balance. It is also interesting to keep a faith and organize their spirituality because all this has direct connection to the body.

In case of any specific questions, it is interesting to see your doctor as soon as these appear. Public health postinhos are always available, enjoy this benefit of the Federal Government.

It is also interesting to keep a careful oral health, since the bones get weaker at this age and it becomes tooth decay.

Remember, happiness is to live well, enjoy your life to the fullest as you can with responsibility and organization, thus live longer and better! Work out!

Good or healthy carbohydrates are those


What are the good carbs?

Good or healthy carbohydrates are those that do NOT have density. These are not usually added to wheat flour and high quantities and do not involve the rice. Again, this does not bring any benefit to health.

Although “sustain” , rice (other than full) does not provide any nutrients to your body.This means that if you are thinking of taking it out of your diet, do it without mercy, even if your weight is out of the ordinary.

Always prefer foods that have a low glycemic index rate, this results not only in the improvement of your bowel (operation) , but also prevents possible unnecessary accumulations of fat (especially in men who usually eat a greater amount) .

» List of low GI carbohydrates

  • raw carrot
  • Broccoli
  • Cucumber
  • Eggplant
  • Spinach
  • Lettuce
  • Tomato
  • Cabbage
  • lentils
  • full ravioli
  • whole milk
  • Zucchini
  • Sweet potato
  • Butter bean
  • Whole grain bread
  • fresh pea
  • Yogurt with sugar
  • Apple
  • oatmeal
  • Peanut
  • Apple juice
  • Spaghetti
  • Orange
  • Peach canned
  • parboiled rice
  • baked beans
  • water biscuit and salt

Also invest in high protein foods, they help to keep your body longer satiated and bring endless benefits and energy at the time of effectuation of the exercises.

” Applications that help maintain a healthy life

There are a lot of fitness applications that can be downloaded to your phone. There are two ways to download them and this will depend exclusively on the smartphone device model. The Play Store is intended for Android users, while the iPhone is used iOS.

If you are interested in any of these and do not know how to carry out the process to download them, just ask for help from someone who apparently understand better about the subject you, learning can do yourself.

There are elderly people who identify


There are elderly people who identify with football matches, while others prefer to dance.There are also other sports that really motivate as race, swimming, cycling, spinning, moralities academies, fights , etc.

Tip: Before opting for the activity to be made, you might try all possible ways, from dances like gaff and lounge samba, even sports more “aggressive and intense” as the struggles, like may Thai, boxing, jig jujitsu and more.

The importance of keeping the exercise routine

It is not recommended to start an exercise on Monday and fail the other days of the week. So there are the benefits mentioned above, it is extremely important to adapt your routine activities and not vice versa.

We recommend that you try to arrange perfectly on a schedule (not to forget) all their daily activities involving their respective schedules for effectuate of the exercises. This agenda will prevent forget the lessons or not ready for the time.

In old age, it is common for the elderly to maintain a domestic routine, it can cause even a post retirement depression , which usually ends up leading many to death. So get organized and be committed.

Food vs Physical Exercises

Is totally out of the question that you do not keep healthy eating habits, although it is on a course of daily physical activity. Wrong eating not only brings extra flab, but also motivates your body to develop diseases. 

This means that obesity may develop quickly, which is not anything interesting, especially in people who are already in the body sensitivity due to old age. So always prefer foods high in good carbs.

During this period, there are several reports


During this period, there are several reports of people who leave a lasting marriage to live other experiences that “make life worthwhile” , while some couples can reshape their hearts and make marriage an equally inspiring phase and the beginning of the relationship.

Seniors who have greater longevity of life, can also follow the growth of your grandchildren, great-grandchildren live with and see the aging of children. This is apriceless experience and that makes the existence of any more valid human being.

It is also estimated that because of these new “fit attitudes” , the older has increased its population in Brazil, this is also due to campaigns made ​​by the Federal Government to encourage birth control .

If the elderly are living longer, it is extremely important that over this period of life to be lived with quality and well-being.

How to choose a suitable mode for my age?

That’s a question more than ordinary. To set a good response, it is essential to have knowledge of all its physical limitations, that means that if there is any clinical problem related to your joints, it is essential to have medical care.

It may also be that your respiratory system is being affected, which prevents there efetuamento the intense exercises that can stimulate the need for a perfect breathing.Therefore, a battery of tests is the most appropriate before seeking a fit mode.

After having recognized all its limitations, it’s time to make a thorough assessment of your personal tastes, “yeah, plus what you have to do?” EVERYTHING! When you force yourself to perform a physical activity that is not of interest will certainly not consistent in it.

The body tends to lower the immunity of the elderly


Out of all these benefits “technical” , the physical movement can also be effective in other areas related to the body itself, the structure of our organs, muscles, legs, arms, hands and the like. By cause severe problems such as:

  • Muscle weakness;
  • visual disorders;
  • Abnormalities of step;
  • Cardiovascular disease;
  • cognitive impairment.

The body tends to lower the immunity of the elderly. This ends up bringing the facility to the development of other diseases, even those that are not directly linked to the“symptoms” that we guide above. Recalling the importance of the activities we will outline below for more benefits of the methods of practices with regard to the body, such as:

” Strengthening the muscles, legs and back – You will further strengthen these areas, just to create a stronger muscles and resistant to potential falls, blows andtwisting ankles . It is very important to be firm and do not develop major fractures, which certainly occurs in elderly low immunity and / or low physical strength .

Working out the elderly, ensures a longer life

When you exercise often the best time of life, consequent to that some benefits are stemmed to his body, quoted above several of them now highlighting the longevity of life to everyone who keeps a moving body.

At any age, it is already more than proven that exercising brings improvements, but especially during the best age, it can bring more years of life and best of all, more well-lived years, full of health and joy.

Elderly care and are happier.

Seniors who exercise have more likely also to the development of social activities, thus having greater capacity to continue “living life to light” even after aging. This is because people become more humorous, and more responsibility for their bodies and sex.

During this phase, naturally there is a propensity to termination of the sexual cycle , those with physical movement daily, hardly feel unmotivated to discontinue their intimate activities, because your body still works perfectly.

2nd Improves balance of your body structure


2nd Improves balance of your body structure – You will have much more balance to stand up, lie down, walk, take care of your home, plants, go to the bank, shopping, finally all the activities of our daily lives that are so important and sometimes, it becomes so difficult to accomplish alone. Balance is who will dictate, without a doubt, their ability to remain standing.

3rd Increase the level of spontaneous physical activity – certainly at your disposal will be high if the body is in constant motion. This indicates that the more you have to act to practice exercise, more motivated and naturally willing to be such. The important thing is to always get the ball rolling and start somehow, what awaits you after are only good surprises.

4 ° Increases bone density – Want strong bones? Combine the intake of drugs(recommended by your doctor) with exercise! This will make all the difference, many medicamentais compositions make the effect of triple when linked to movement act. A moving body is able to cure illnesses by itself and prevent many others.

5 ° Helps control diabetes, arthritis and cardiovascular disease – When age comes with it come many problems. Of course, your body will be more susceptible and prone to worsening of tables with physical activity, all this can be mitigated or avoided (in most cases) . Be good about yourself will allow your structure is strong.

6 improves food intake – When we practice physical activity, of course there is a higher caloric expenditure and consequent to that our hunger increases. Practicing activity, your body will be in a better time to work, it will take you to eat more lean mass and develop naturally eliminating unwanted body mass, that we call “fat”.

7 Decrease depressive disorders – It is natural that during the third age, especially after retirement, the elderly begin to develop depression. This is because your mind back to stage “worthless life” , by obtaining trabalhísticas activities for so long, retirement becomes a greater burden than they can bear. This brings even the dismay of living, leading many to death.

When seniors hit the door, the first


When seniors hit the door, the first thing we think is “I have to go to the doctor” , the second attitude It is to direct a pharmacy and “fill the cart”remedies. You certainly must have heard of elderly which reached 100, 110, 120 and even 130 years without any disease, the reports always report these atypical cases.

Perhaps (or surely) the development of these diseases are directly linked to the fact of not practicingphysical activity.Have you ever stopped to think?According to studies by several universitiesspecialized worldwide, the largest flow of diseases and disorders occurs in those who do not or did not exercise during their lifetime.

The best way to end once and for all with this problem, is to start! It is not easy, obviously the constancy of the exercises is undoubtedly one chore that deserves discipline and responsibility for their own health.

There are a lot of benefits that involve the act of physical activity , among them we can mention some as:

1 improves the ability to get around – This preferably means that your body will be able to stand alone, although it is at an advanced age. While many older people need aid and supporters, those who practice physical activity have greater power of movement and perform their daily activities without the help of others. It is their independence guaranteed even if old age is coming.

It is a tropical country , therefore


It is a tropical country , therefore, is possessed of four types stationclimatedifferent, being the most common summer. When it comes that time of year, the thermometers mark about 30 ° degrees, and in some places even more than that.

While it is appropriate to “catch” a pool or beach, excessive heat is not good for health. In order to ensurethat your body is well hydrated, healthy and beautiful, you need a balanced diet .

To help you in this empreita, we denote below some types of foodsrecommended for time, check below.

Food for summer

By doing a lot of heat, the body can dehydrate. So there is the replacement of water will be necessary to add to the menu foods like:

  • Watermelon
  • Melon
  • Eggplant
  • Pineapple
  • Peach
  • Orange
  • Mineral water
  • teas

These act on behalf of hydration and also improve blood circulation, leaving the skin soft and lisinha.

To maintain a good bowel function, avoid fatty foods with high levels of sugar, salt and preservatives. Give preference to whole, especially those that promote feeling of satiety for longer and regulate the intestinal rhythm  as:

  • Chia
  • Linseed
  • Amaranth

The skin, nails and hair need of the nutrient  lycopene (which protects the skin from solar radiation) , beta carotene (which helps stimulate pigmentation of the skin, making it more vivid and beautiful) and vitamin E (which aids in hydration tissues) .

All can be found in the yellow-orange food coloring as:

  • Mango
  • Carrot
  • Pumpkin
  • Papaya
  • Coconut oil

The Inferring is a protein body human


The Inferring is a protein body human responsible for the storage and release in a controlled manner iron in the body.Virtually all living beings is capable of producing such protein, eg, plants, bacteria and animals.

For human inferring acts as a regulating element against the deficit, and iron overload. Iron is an essential element for the human body to function properly, because this mineral is indispensable for hemoglobin formation, which is present in red blood cells and has the function of making the transport of oxygen to all parts of the body.

If there is an iron deficiency in the body several complications medical may arise. To make the control and measurement of this protein is necessary to make the exam ferret in , which will point an analysis of the iron reserves that the body has.

Note: The organs that have the highest number of ferret in are spleen, bone marrow and liver.

The usually rises ferret in when the patient has influenza, pneumonia, cancer, gastroenteritis or simple colds, because it is the presence of acute and chronic inflammatory process within the immune system.

In such cases, it may happen inferring levels are tripling production occurs without increase of iron in the body.

When you have high inferring levels it is necessary to make immediate changes in eating habits and diets. However, foods with iron, such as meat, lentils and beans are not the only villains in this process.

Several metabolic conditions provide a lack in capacity of the liver to deal with the metal, for example, heparin, a hormone responsible for this control. Already fructose (a type of sugar) usually affects the normal functioning of the body, thus increasing the levels of inferring, as in uric acid, antipathetic fat and also causes an insulin resistance.

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