A cruel Doubt In Time To Lose Weight Is Between


A cruel doubt in time to lose weight is between: decrease the amount of food eaten daily or even more focus on exercise? We know that can not be fully satisfactory without the other, but there is always one that has a more enhanced power in our body.

According to studies, there is no possibility of weight loss without power control . This fact also indicates that about 70% of our food is responsible for weight loss, or even if you Strike When about 3 hours a day, but do not have a balanced diet, hardly lose weight.

Likewise we must give “credit” to exercise. Since they are responsible for burning calories, for example, if you did the intake of 2500 calories a day,work out about 2 hours gets to be satisfactory, but not enough to burn all calories needed.

Therefore, one should take into account about 70% more their food . It is extremely important for thebody burn fat, low carbohydrate intake is that better will make your body respond.

So what to do to lose weight fast and healthy?

Simple! You just need to decrease the amount of carbohydrates , increase the amount of lean protein and step aerobic exercise . The rule is basic, no miraculous methods, just common sense and focus during the weight loss period.

The weekend soften the greatest sin, thinking about it, it is extremely important that you refrain during this time more “loose” of the week. Depending on the amount of weight above the ideal that you should not have “day of trash” , otherwise enjoy a day at weekends and eat “whatever you want” , all moderately.

Anyway, it is important to be careful even with the diet you have chosen. Some types of extremely restrictive diets are able to make your body does not burn fat, instead, accumulate to get energy. This type is the most common in beauty magazines and do a great harm to health.

The first step is to find out two important points:

  • carbohydrate amount ingested per day
  • Volume calories ingested per day

When you get to control them and lose calories during aerobic workouts, you can quickly see results, even in the first week. However, it is extremely important that there is follow up with a nutritionist, whereas extremely low glycemic index diets wrong can result inmalnutrition .

Malnutrition is even more serious. Anyway, your body needs to be organized so that consume the exact amount and eliminate what is not helpful. Always try to be informed by professionals and do follow-up both in the diet, as in the exercises.

Some Habits Can Be Extremely Harmful


Some habits can be extremely harmful when it comes to being up with the diet.Many people do not know, but some simple practices are efficient to put an end to all the effort that you have been having for months to lose weight. Let’s find out more about this in the course of the article.

unhealthy habits that can harm your diet

First, we have a silent villain, the juices.The diet of different types of juicescan indeed help make you retain fluid and do not lose the amount of weightdesiredAlso there is a great chance to cause irritability in your body and hurt him directly.

Another point wrong in this whole story is to make the replacement of a meal by juices.This is one of the wrong practices alreadyfound on sites that recommend juices as diet helpers, it is important that you know the power of the juice in particular you are taking and do not overdo it.

Diets are important to maintain weight.

Skipping breakfast can also be extremely harmful. The breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day for a simple reason, you spent about 8 hours without eating.This kind of practical help to gain weight, running out of time with all your diet.

Sodas are other great villains, even if you take them only inweekend, There is nothing more damaging to your diet and health than soft drinks and carbonated drinks.Avoid whenever you can, so you will be doing not only good to your diet, but your life in general.

The carbohydrates are almost as damaging as the fat, but we need it for energy.Nocourt Fully only reduce considerably the foods are wheat flour excess derivatives such as breads, cakes, among others.

The fat is also another point to be considered, you should not cut it completely. On the contrary, good fats and vegetables are highly recommended, they help to keep your body balanced, can give extra energy and are need of the human body.

If you have the habit of getting hungry , know already that your diet is wrong! Diets that guide stay long without eating, spending excessive hunger, prevent serious and nutritious foods are totally off the recommended weight loss healthy.

Diet products can also be harmful. Some have large amounts of sweeteners, which in the end, end up doing the same setback in the diet as sugar, avoid at all costs and is well balanced in time to consume anything light the diet , these products can not be taken will .

Finally and not least, it is essential to avoid stress. This may be one of the most aggravating when the subject’s diet. Avoid thinking in your diet, avoid remember that need to eat such a thing, just live naturally and change your lifestyle, not only the food!

If You Want To Gain Weight (Gain Lean Mass)

B3H3KA Mid adult woman measuring her waist

What should I understand this?

If you want to gain weight (gain lean mass) , have a balanced diet with high intake of carbohydrates, but also significant amounts of protein. Otherwise, if you want to lose weight, I have less intake of carbohydrates and more protein intake.

This will help balance your weight the way you want. Anyway, the food is extremely important and significantly and help in the process of gaining weight or lose weight. Who needs to lose weight, it’s good to invest mainly in aerobic exercise, while those who want to create focus in bodybuilding.

And carbohydrate? As before or after training?

Knowing all that was denoted above, it is easy to answer this question. If you want to lose weight, it is indicated that eat carbohydrates before a workout and protein after training . During training it is recommended only to make fluid intake, these are juices, teas or mineral water.

Already those who want to increase the mass, it is important to do intake carbohydrate + protein before training and carbohydrate + protein after training. Some advisers indicate that there is power during training, others do not. Talk to your instructor and ask about your need.

It’s also good to know the amounts to be ingested.Overeating before training can leave you heavy for the fulfillment of physical activity, eating a lot after training can say goodbye to your entire physical effort. Therefore, without secrets, balance is the key.

If you do follow up with a professional in the field of nutrition, it will be even easier to figure out what to eat. Each person has a different type of metabolism, i.e., the organism can act faster or slower according to the type, which may help or hinder the diet.

The guidelines indicated above it is possible that the faster range, always remembering that the effort has to be done as a whole. The exact amount for each case will depend exclusively on the development of physical activity and how much energy it consumed him.

Mathematics will be your main ally, so it’s good to do physical assessments, clocking times, seek information on calories lost amounts and other key points to have a good development, and thus reach your goal faster.

Do not forget to eat 3 in 3 hours , take about 2 liters of water or more per day, opt forthermogenic juices and make large intake of vegetables, fruits and other healthy foods , especially those rich in protein such as eggs, meat, cheese , etc. only your efforts will be able to take it to the body you always dreamed of !

In Order To Achieve Age With Health


In order to achieve age with health and well-being you need only have courage, because through it, all the other activities to be developed is easier.However, it is also necessary that:

. Take careand the power, because it is the primary basis for the body to remain in good shape. That is, so that it produces all that is necessary to maintain thebodyand mind healthy. And therefore, if you do not know what to do, seek help from a dietician, as is passing year, it will indicate you, which is more accurate, for your body, rather, all the nutrients it needs. But beware, not worth circumvent the rules of the game, have to follow the order the doctor to pass, for only then, and that is able to get good gains.

For example:

* Let your most colorful dish, look for nutrients your bodyneed. Eat more leafy vegetables and fruits, avoid fast foods, or attractive. 

* Avoid excessive sweet, salt, fried foods, fat, canned food, and more food, which are heavy, greatly aids in digestion and also in the prevention of various diseases. 

. Work out. Take your foot off the place, move. Do not just stand there thinking that everything will fall from the sky into his lap and kissed hands. Therefore, try to do a daily physical activity, or that it be light. A good example of this is to make purchases on foot supermarket, or gives a bike ride with the (child, grandchild, nephew), who are willing. Just do not quit, always try to get around and activate your muscles and more parts of your body, for doing this, and to maintain an increased strength, have a good immunity, and willingness to carry out more tasks from day to day .

Warning: About half an hour of daily exercise helps strengthen muscles, lose fat, maintain good mass, improve circulation and breathing, therefore, work. But for this, seek help from a professional in the field of physical education, as well, will not do anything wrong, and will not harm your body and health.

. Make periodic checks. Always try to go to the doctor as well, you can avoid any unpleasant surprises, and begin to prevent earlier than need. Perform routine tests and always take care of whatever it takes. Thus, you gain many years.

. Be happy. Who is happy, has no time to be looking for the negative side of things, ie, always look for what will do you good, do not get involved with negative people, avoid dark places, low mood, talk to your friends, keep an open dialogue with your partner, travel, look for ways to go make you happy. And remember: Who is happy, is healthy and always is willing to live life.

Stretching And Heating Body Before


Stretching and Heating body before physical activity is extremely important.This is due to various physical factors as well as the preparation of muscles for receiving intense physical activity.Leaving it on point so that there is harmful side effects.

For example: Suppose you skip the part of the stretch + heat and go directly to  weight . Naturally,your bodycomplain, since I was not expecting such activity. When there are two forms of preparation, the brain then identifies and prepares it for the load usually already use.

Pre workout

Many people are in doubt about the real truth regarding the stretching + heating before training. In addition to making the right preparation for your body, it helps to open the muscles to receive the exercise. Thus, it will be much easier to avoid injuries and related.

After training

Similarly, the elongation + heating postworkout indicates that the body enter into sleep process (usually occurred within 24 hours or 1 day) , these same methods can be effective also in combating possible injuries and helps to balance the body for rest.

Methods elongation

Stretching is a succession of “exercise” that allow you to stretch the muscles. The process is important to the body of the preparation (as stated) and also for the improvement of physical exercise. They are usually taught in schools (physical education classes),academies and other settings related to physical activity or welfare.

Both enhance the functioning of the r


Both enhance the functioning of the regions of the knee, because it strengthens without causing any pressure on this area. They are also recommended for people who have osteoarthritis and are overweight.


The recommendations herein do not query substitutions to a specialist. It is possible that his injury is very serious and do not allow the practice of any of these activities, so see your doctor and ask for precise guidance according to your case.

The more there is the strengthening of the knee region, minus the effectuation of the surgery will be necessary. If possible, talk to a professional instructor in physical education and play area to make mounting a proper workout. Soon will have more strengthened knees.

Benefits of exercise

  • Knee Strengthening
  • Increased bone density
  • Pain reduction

When there are no complaints about the pain, intensity levels may be higher. Anyway, is always keeping in touch with your doctor. A professional who is determine your needs.

Knees are a party to take more impacts


Knees are a party to take more impacts daily. For arthroscope is is not developed or the frames of the disease improve it is indicated that the patient keep an exercise workout that can make all the difference.

They are able to cause the strengthening of the region and improve the conditions of the problem.It is estimated that the correct time to practice is of at least 3 times a weekwith 20 repetitions . Recalling the importance of the minute of rest.

The exercises are usually prescribed by a therapist, so that preferably meets their need in specific, however the most common denote below:

Pilates exercises

Pilates exercises are interesting for a simple reason: they press impact on the region of the knees , using some helpers materials such as ball or moderate weights. The activities consist especially in lie on the ground (with the use of mat) , position your hands at your sides and raise the gluteal region.

Exercise to be done at home

Also with the aid of a mat you must lie on the ground, stretch and slowly raising one leg to another (recalling that should be of little height) . Repeat the exercise with both legs, recommended 3 sessions of 20 reps each.

You can also sit on the mat, place both hands beside the body and flex one leg. With the other stretch as much as possible by applying pressure with your knees down. Repeat 3 times 20 with both legs.

Exercise not recommended 

  • Running
  • Step
  • bodybuilding
  • martial arts
  • Pole vault

In no way opt for any of these, they cause excessive impact on the knee and usually aggravating.

The brown sugar is often compared


The brown sugar is often compared, as well as regular sugar, also known as crystal sugar . Although categorized in different ways, they basically have the same way of preparation and is emanated from sucrose, which gives you a different and caramel color, aresult of molasses.

The molasses is a process that ultimately occur due to different treatment , the product is usually thicker and liquid. It is derived from sugar beet, also we find the sugarcane wins this format and especially this color due to the sugar extraction tanks.

Although they are also made with only a few quirks, we can say that brown sugar is healthier and less fattening than regular sugar. molasses found the brown nutrient loads that are essentially important for our organism as:

However, these products and elements may not be as relevant as it are in tiny proportions.However, when compared to white sugar (and other sugars) , we note that white is not a chemical and natural product as brown.

This is because in its composition we find about 99% pure sucrose, remembering that it is only stemmed from sugar beet or also from sugarcane. The white sugar level when relate to the amount of sucrose can state that does not have anybenefit or nutritional element to the body.

Anyway, what is the most fattening?

If we consider some nutritional factors, such as amount of calories, we can say that the brown sugar has a percentage below the common and white sugar. To get aidea, Brown sugar has about 375 calories , while white sugar 397 calories .

However, there may be greater density in time to pack it, this can also lead to some changes in its content. Anyway, when compared, it can be said without a doubt that the brown sugar fattening when eaten in large quantities.

It should be dosed as well with regular sugar. Its nutrients are important for our body, different from ordinary sugar that does not show any benefit. A great tip is to not overdo the doses thus maintain a more refined silhouette and less affect your health.

Finally and not less important than


3rd stage – Finally and not less important than the others, begin to eat refined carbohydrates as well. But remember that they should not be eaten daily. On the contrary, let them only for special moments. Usually continue your diet based on carbohydrates low glycemic index .

Concluding remarks

Malnutrition can be a consequence and a problem when we are dealing with the ketogenic diet, anyway, the most important is that it is being accompanied by a professional that health. Malnutrition can cause low immunity and the development of diseases.

Another point indispensable to his knowledge is that there should be no alcohol consumption during this period. The alcohol found in beverages is the main carbohydrate that you should avoid in the process, it is also important to sleep well, have an active life with respect to physical activity and make drinking at least two liters of water daily.

The ketogenic diet is a weight loss process that should be used for the good of your body.If at any time you are attacking it or affect it in general, it is important to try to stop the process. Also, some people with unusual medical conditions should not do it, talk to a professional in the field of health and nutrition.

Cautions before performing the operation

Always look for clinics in your trust, do not trust offices that charge far below market values. This is one of the first indications that something is out of the reliability standards.Read more about it before going to the operating table and also have healthy habits.

It is necessary to keep active with a healthy diet and ask for directions to your doctor about how to change your dressings. Visit the doctor whenever you feel any discomfort or pain in the area where surgery was performed.

THE lip suction It is one of the most common


THE lip suction It is one of the most common surgical procedures in Brazil.It consists of removing localized fat in different parts of the body including:

  • Abdomen
  • buttocks
  • Thighs
  • Arms
  • jowl

These common fat reservoirs usually bother many women Causing opt for liposuction in the arms. Again, this method is not recommended for large amounts of fat, on the contrary, it should be used only in cases of little excess.

It is usually an option for people who mammal often, and for some reason, can not burn localized fat or even they are not willing to spend more years of fitness.

Liposuction in arms

The lipo arms is to eliminate sagging.

One type of liposuction that is becoming more common are the arms.After removing the fat that was located in the abdomen, possibly there dis proportionality in other areas such as the arms.

The process consists of the same treatment, withdrawal of same with a specific needle. Eliminating this volume in the region and improving appearance as a whole.Despite being thin, it is possible that this procedure may be necessary.

Hypothetically, let’s assume that a patient has about 100 fat cells in the arm region and 1000 in the abdomen , getting fat only 1 gram, the volume will be evident 1kg in the abdomen and 100 grams in the arm region. 

The surgical procedure involves:

  • Local anesthesia with sedation
  • From 2 to 5 hours duration
  • 12 to 24 hours in hospital under observation

Preoperative – laboratory tests and suspension of the use of drugs

Postoperative – use of dressing and mesh compressor

Recovery time –  from 7 to 10 days

With surgery on the arms, you can remove that flab into muscle “bye-bye” . Only obese people are not within the surgical parameters, this because the risk is much higher.


The surgery price is between US $ 2,250 , in view of the possibility that there is increased costs in connection with hospitals and recommended tests.

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