A cruel Doubt In Time To Lose Weight Is Between


A cruel doubt in time to lose weight is between: decrease the amount of food eaten daily or even more focus on exercise? We know that can not be fully satisfactory without the other, but there is always one that has a more enhanced power in our body.

According to studies, there is no possibility of weight loss without power control . This fact also indicates that about 70% of our food is responsible for weight loss, or even if you Strike When about 3 hours a day, but do not have a balanced diet, hardly lose weight.

Likewise we must give “credit” to exercise. Since they are responsible for burning calories, for example, if you did the intake of 2500 calories a day,work out about 2 hours gets to be satisfactory, but not enough to burn all calories needed.

Therefore, one should take into account about 70% more their food . It is extremely important for thebody burn fat, low carbohydrate intake is that better will make your body respond.

So what to do to lose weight fast and healthy?

Simple! You just need to decrease the amount of carbohydrates , increase the amount of lean protein and step aerobic exercise . The rule is basic, no miraculous methods, just common sense and focus during the weight loss period.

The weekend soften the greatest sin, thinking about it, it is extremely important that you refrain during this time more “loose” of the week. Depending on the amount of weight above the ideal that you should not have “day of trash” , otherwise enjoy a day at weekends and eat “whatever you want” , all moderately.

Anyway, it is important to be careful even with the diet you have chosen. Some types of extremely restrictive diets are able to make your body does not burn fat, instead, accumulate to get energy. This type is the most common in beauty magazines and do a great harm to health.

The first step is to find out two important points:

  • carbohydrate amount ingested per day
  • Volume calories ingested per day

When you get to control them and lose calories during aerobic workouts, you can quickly see results, even in the first week. However, it is extremely important that there is follow up with a nutritionist, whereas extremely low glycemic index diets wrong can result inmalnutrition .

Malnutrition is even more serious. Anyway, your body needs to be organized so that consume the exact amount and eliminate what is not helpful. Always try to be informed by professionals and do follow-up both in the diet, as in the exercises.

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