5 Smarts Ways Of Recycling Your Avb After Vaped Bud

If you want to make a tincture out of water cured AVB you should not add extra water to the tincture. For me, it’s no more difficult to dump water cure abv in a jar than the trash. It’s easy to pour alcohol over the top, and put in the freezer or cabinet. I shake when I am getting ingredients to cook with. It can sit there happily for weeks until I can strain it. Thank you @Madri-Gal lots of food for thought there.

Because the compounds in cannabis are fat-soluble, infusing fat like butter or various oils is a great place to start. This process will help to remove any undesirable materials, like chlorophyll and the burnt taste. It’s also important to consider how much THC was in the flower that you started with, as this will be your baseline. Strains with more THC, to begin with, will likely remain more potent after vaping. When you vape at a lower temperature, you won’t be as likely to use up all THC or other cannabinoids in the flower. Just like normal edibles, AVB will take a while to kick in, and once eaten, there’s no going back.

What you add it to will definitely have a weed-like taste to it, but it’s hard to complain, given how easy it is to put together. If you really want to minimize the taste, find out how to water-cure your AVB. Already vaped bud can also be made into tinctures, which can then be added to beverages or consumed as drops under the tongue. Oh, and it’ll probably taste somewhere between fresh bong water and the inside of your sneaker. Water curing is a technique that’ll remove that ‘weed’ taste if you just can’t stand that distinct flavour.

I used to get so high off of them when I was a less frequent user. I have been high for over 24 hrs from a single dose. I recently had 640 mg of THC in one dose to get me only moderately high. Anything above 140 will vaporize THC and resin glands. I think your thrashed black buds have you confused. But kids will try anything these days when they can’t afford good meds or grow at rents house !

Cannabinoids bind to fat, so milk and cream are always welcome in this case. Edible are probably the most obvious use of your AVB. Cooking and baking with AVB is a great way to get more value from your flowers, plus it’ll cover the ‘burnt’ taste.

The THC and CBD content is much lower in your AVB and it takes more to get you high. I recommend only using this option when you are in a bind and have nothing left to smoke. We carry a full line of batteries, atomizers, mouthpieces, bubblers and concentrate pads. Get ready to escalate your vaping to a whole new level with those must have add-ons. Don’t forget most of our portable vaporizers and dab pens have modular designs, meaning you can easily change or replace a parts.

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